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February 20’

Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Leo – February 2020

February 8 

11:33 PM PT Full Moon at 20° of Leo

Here for the heady, heart-thumping mix of the right kind of tension and the much-needed release, Leo is a willing fool for a good romance. No gesture too grand, this sign knows that love is as playful as it is powerful, as free as it is in need of our commitment to it, and as multifaceted as we can comprehend.

Love means little without care, consistency, and diverse ways of being. Love is freedom and needs room to express itself however it wants to. Love never conforms, contorts, or stays in the shapes that don’t mold themselves to it. Love needs our respect, reverence, and to be treated like the regal life-force that it is. Love needs to know that we have the courage to protect it, the roar to ward off any harm-doers to it, and the desire to be all in for it.

The Full Moon in Leo arrives on February 8th at 11:33 PM PT. Fairly free of constraints, this Full Moon is uninhibited in its ability to dramatically perform the sonnets its soul yearns to share. With it we can expect that the volume will be turned up, displays of feelings will be on full-blast, and an overwhelming need to don a feather in our cap will come forth. 

This Full Moon will pull focus on the area of your chart that contains 20° of Leo, reminding you of the creative energy that you have access to there. Our creative energy needs our love, encouragement, and support to fully flourish. The Sun rules Leo and therefore anything that happens in this sign reminds us of the ways in which we need to feel validated, be self-expressed, and find the kind of applause that is heart-warming and not just ego-boosting. Ruling the heart, spine, and upper back, Leo wants us to attune ourselves a little more deeply to these areas of our body. Just spending a little time each day connecting to this area of our energetic and physical body can help us to process the emotions that so often get built-up here. 

Ways to honor this Full Moon:

  • Any kind of heart/chest-opening exercises that work for you (laying on a bolster, arms out to the side, legs in a comfortable position, for example).
  • Placing your hand on your heart and breathing into it for 1-5 min with eyes closed or gently shut (can be done sitting or lying down).
  • Placing your awareness at the center of your chest and humming softly to gently awaken this area of the body, activating its knowledge.
  • Breathing exercises that focus your awareness on the central channel of your spine (visualizing the breath traveling from the base of the spine to the top of the spine on the inhale, and reverse on the exhale).

February 10  

Venus conjuncts Chiron, both at 2° of Aries 

Post-Full Moon, pre-V-Day, Venus makes contact with the healer, teacher, and one who knows wounds: Chiron. This minor planet reminds us that not all things that hurt have a good reason. Some of the pain that is part of our life story is inexplicable, unfair, and unjustly placed on our shoulders. Chiron reminds us that we don’t have to sugar-coat our life experiences or be ok with them. Sometimes all we need to know is that something hurts and that is what makes us human. Whatever we are able to do with the pain we have experienced is more along the lines of divine intervention at times, but one we can try to work towards. Today’s astrology reminds us that to know love means that we must also be willing to acknowledge the betrayal, loss, and longing that is also ours and that doing so doesn’t cancel anything else out. Rather, it can help us to appreciate the sweetness that much more. 

February 16  

Mars enters Capricorn, here until March 30

Mercury stations retrograde at 12° of Pisces

As Mars moves into a place of great power and applause, the area of our chart that contains Capricorn is once again hyperactive. For now, the red one will bring us extra energy and some much-needed innovation (see February 21). Having Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn means nothing less than business/busyness in the part of our chart that they are trudging through, but that is nothing new. 

Before we can get too organized, however, mayhem makes a visit. This Mercury retrograde isn’t malicious, but it is all kinds of messy. In Pisces, little is kept compartmentalized, clear, or concise. Mercury moving backward through this sign makes slush out of any sentiment. Sloppy has its place and we are encouraged to get out our rain barrels if we want to make any kind of use out of this astrology. Knowing the difference between the dreams that we should chase and the delusions that derail us is life-saving. 

This Mercury retrograde will frustrate the Type A amongst us (and within us) via non-committal conversations and back-and-forth emails that lead to nowhere, but it will also most likely remind us of the importance of a healthy fantasy life. Calendar entries and deadlines may mock us, but the imaginal realm works on its own time. Schedule in some daydreaming. 

Mercury will be retrograde from February 16 – March 9.

February 18  

Sun enters Pisces

With Mercury already here, stirring the pot with its retrograde ways, this Pisces Season is extra wet and wild. Trying to hold onto anything that would rather slip, swim, or sashay away is one way to create more grief for yourself. Practice the art of allowing and you’ll experience a lot less frustration in the process of floating through this Pisces paradigm. 

February 20  

Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, both at 17°

This dreamy duo wants to help us make some aspects of our fantasies into reality. Jupiter says yes to Neptune’s visions and, in earthy Capricorn, is able to give it shape through honest effort and a little elbow grease. Don’t be discouraged by the size of the success; every little accomplishment is a major one under these skies.   

February 21  

Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, both at 3°

Innovation is the theme of today’s and tomorrow’s astrology. How we get free depends in part on how much permission we give ourselves to experiment. Whatever structures are in good working order must be salvaged and whichever are prehistoric and inhibiting creativity must be rearranged. Let no one tell you that you can’t do what you know you must.  

February 22  

Sun in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus, both at 3°

Your dreams are hints from your future. Your fantasies are tips from your psyche. Your imagination is the abundant wellspring for your life’s creations. Today’s astrology reminds you of the potency of visualizations and the feelings they evoke. The more you do, the more quickly you’ll be able to identify what feels right out in the world and move towards it without hesitancy. 


Your horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!



Aries & Aries Rising

February’s Full Moon wants you to get messy with your creative process without a goal, reason, or end in mind. This is a moment to romance your inner artist. The one you were in touch with when you were just a wee-thing and didn’t know about “good” or “right” or “perfect”. The part of you that just knew how to be honest. 

This Full Moon acknowledges the efforts you’ve put into your creative projects and helps you witness the impacts that they are making. It shines its light upon your ability to take the stage in a more honest way. Wounds and all. Beauty and beast. The more you bring your whole self to the stages of your life, the more of your power you have access to. What might have been shunned early in life is now ready to be rescued, rewarded, and applauded. Make sure to reclaim yourself from whatever didn’t recognize you. 

As the Full Moon fades, Mercury stations retrograde in the part of your chart that deals with the ghosts that have gone unchallenged. What remains ungrieved takes up the space that new life needs. As you make peace with parts of your past you also make it possible to be more fully present here and now. With all the inspiration and encouragement that’s flowing into your career and work life (especially from February 20-22), that means you can make the most of the opportunities in real-time.   


Taurus & Taurus Rising 

Breakthroughs come by allowing your imagination to roam. Spend more time daydreaming about succeeding than looking for facts that support why you can or can’t do something. Venture beyond the binary of what others have or haven’t done and break through into the realms of what you are here to do. 2020 wants you to understand the paradigms you are working and living within, but only so you know what part of them to respect and what part of them to disrupt. 

February’s Full Moon shines its light on where you are living and how it feels. Add, subtract, and rearrange as needed. When you enter your sanctuaries, make sure that they reflect the romance you want to have with your life. As the Full Moon fades and Mercury retrograde gets underway, you’ll have many opportunities to understand the dreams that you share with your communities, friends, and colleagues. You’ll also be more aware of what gets cloudy, confused, or conflated with what you don’t want to be a part of. It’s a messy Mercury retrograde, so make a point of getting clear on what you are expecting from others, what they expect of you, and whether or not it’s helpful to do so. 


Gemini & Gemini Rising 

February’s Full Moon outlines the ways in which you are able to harness the energy of your days. Being a master of your time takes discipline, but it’s the only way to feel free daily. This Full Moon brings important messages for you to send and receive. Get your Valentines in the mail early and make sure to get the postage right; Mercury is up to its retrograde tricks come February 16. Mostly, your ruling planet will be messing with your professional conversations but most things that get out of line weren’t in order anyways. Mercury retrograde gets us to review what was never working, what was always out of joint, or what needs our attention to detail now. February asks you to focus a little less on how your professional life is right now, and a little more on the dreams that you have for it. Our unlived lives, self, and ambitions are always encased in our fantasies; taking them seriously means our whole selves get accounted for and the entirety of us gets a chance to be. 

As Pisces Season gets underway, breakthroughs that encourage your creativity on the job and in your collaborations abound, despite and alongside Mercury’s missteps. You won’t have the whole professional picture, but this mixed bag demands that you stay with what comes up for you, refusing to rush to make a move. Wait until you feel confident that you’ve got what you need to make a well-informed decision.  


Cancer & Cancer Rising

February’s Full Moon puts a little spare change in your pocket, slips some unexpected cash into your palm, or highlights the inner gold that you already have access to. Your talents, assets, and resources are glowing right now. What you were born with needs to be polished up and worn with pride. Crown yourself. Wait for no one to give you permission. Believe no one’s vision for your success if it doesn’t align with or live up to your own. 

This moon wants you to take stock of what you’ve spent, energetically and otherwise, and what you are collecting. Which of your resources has been given the chance to shine recently and what has the process of releasing them into the world taught you? 

As the Full Moon fades and Pisces Season begins to shimmer and shine, you are encouraged to fantasize a little more than usual. This Mercury retrograde reminds you of the power of visualization. Fears grow when we only focus on them. Solutions rise to the surface when we remember to peer into the wells of the unknown. Dreams get diluted when all we do is focus on the busy. Daydreaming is a sacred duty for anyone who wants to live life fully awake. This Mercury retrograde may make everyday details as hard to get a hold of as a school of minnows, but it will flood your dreamworld with images that want to guide you towards your highest good. Turn towards them. 

As the Jupiter/Neptune sextile gets underway, you’ll be more prone to see possibilities in partnerships where there was only strife, challenge, or obstacles earlier this year. It’s not necessarily that anyone has changed, it’s just that you are in a better position to play to your strengths and less likely to get caught up in the weakness of a particular personality. What tripped you up in the wee hours of 2020 is no longer a dynamic that takes you by surprise. 


Leo & Leo Rising

February’s Full Moon has you feeling things. Full to the brim with praise, you get acknowledgment for the work you’ve been putting in and the growth that you have undergone. But this moment wants you to witness more than just the obvious aspects of self. The parts of you that don’t get to shine, that haven’t been seen in far too long, or that stay hidden away for fear of rejection need love too. Your wounds are places of abundant creative potency, carrying within them the talents, desires, and longings that want to help you live your best life. Give them some room, a stage to claim as their own, and encouragement to give you the information they contain.   

Mercury’s next retrograde follows up on these themes. Shady, slippery, and anything but straightforward, Mercury retrograde wants you to review the issues that come up for you in your collaborations. Money issues with others can lead you to some important self-discovery. Anything that gets in the way of you advocating for what you need in your partnerships will be up for discussion and there are as many fortunate, prosperous, and productive opportunities as there are precariously positioned ones. Your ability to move through challenging conversations reveals the true value and pricelessness of a partnership. These matters and those involved are extra sensitive, so communicate with care.  


Virgo & Virgo Rising

February’s Full Moon has you crossing out unnecessary events in your calendar. This JOMO moon reminds you that cancellations can be an act of radical self-care. Waste not a moment of your life worrying about whether or not to choose yourself over all else. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it. 

As the Full Moon fades, the next Mercury retrograde makes itself known. Your partnerships bear the brunt of most of its impact. Through the miscommunications, the truth emerges. Through the mistakes, you get to witness what mostly goes unsaid. Through the missteps, you get a deeper understanding of your needs in all your agreements with others. Through understanding your fantasies, you get to understand how to bring them into reality. Daydreaming about the kinds of connections that you want in business, in love, and in life is key to understanding what’s important for your relationships with self and others. If you feel something is lacking, give it to yourself. 

With a very helpful and productive jolt of creative energy and courage coming your way (February 20 – 22), the next couple of weeks also help you to feel confident expressing yourself. This means that you aren’t bearing the brunt of meeting all your needs alone. Knowing what to ask for is the first step in getting what you want. 

Libra & Libra Rising

Saturday’s Full Moon wants you to surround yourself with friends that know how to put on a little glitter, put together a soiree, and put their best moves forward on the dance floor like they don’t care who’s watching. Even if it’s just three of you at dinner, two of you at home watching your favorite camp classic, or getting yourself to your book club get together, gather with those that know how to celebrate you and all that you are growing into and through. This Full Moon also celebrates the work that you’ve done in groups, community, and collectively, helping you to see the importance of aligning yourself with those that have visions that support your own. 

As the light of the Full Moon fades, you get a more nuanced understanding of an intimacy issue. It’s much less about what anyone does or doesn’t do and much more about how you are learning to be on your own side. Knowing how to support yourself through a learning curve in love means learning how to be a better partner to yourself and everyone else.  

As Mercury’s next retrograde gets underway, you are asked to review your relationships at work and the routines that keep it all running. Use the waters of Pisces Season to cleanse yourself of obligations that could be delegated. Down-size whatever doesn’t need to be done by you so that you can up-level the quality of the projects you care most about. 


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Saturday’s Full Moon shines a bright light upon your career. The crown is yours to don; do so in your own unique style. The real success in life is finding ways to bring more of you into all you do. From accepting awards to working on your gameplan, keep making more room for you and the wins will be so much more than you could have hoped for. 

Healing happens when we have the opportunity and the courage to come to the table with our whole selves. 

Post-Full Moon and in the midst of Mercury retrograde mayhem, there are a few blessings. From February 20-22, you’re offered a couple of lucky breaks. A good conversation, fortunate email, or run-in with the right person opens up a much-needed pathway for success to flow through. A mix of bravery to speak your mind and optimism to see the potential in doing so helps you make the most of the moment. Don’t hold back, but do remember that Mercury retrograde might impede how your message is received. Be exceptionally clear, keep your receipts, and know that the truth will survive any astrology, human error, and any other shenanigans the world gets up to.  


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Saturday’s Full Moon pulls focus on your horizons. Big goals take an even bigger vision and your ability to actualize what you fantasize is making itself clear. That much closer to getting to your destination, the Full Moon reminds you to take a moment to enjoy the view. Careful not to be too caught up in what the future holds, needs, or will demand from you. Find a way to refuel through your daily routines, the small acts of kindness that you show yourself, and the deep breaths you take in-between the bold moves you are making. Creative wells need replenishing after big projects go out into the world. If your system is sending you a check engine light, know that it needs to be heeded. 

As Mercury retrograde makes clear, there is something at the foundation of your life that is ready for next-level healing, cleansing, and re-imagining. This doesn’t need to be dramatic (though it will most likely be sensitizing), subtle shifts at the base of our life are enough to reconfigure the entirety of it. Paying attention to the parts of you that were neglected, ignored, or pushed aside takes a finely-tuned connection to yourself but it is well-worth developing. If you leave this Mercury retrograde a better parent to yourself, major life goals are achieved. 


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Saturday’s Full Moon lights up your collaborations and celebrates their successes. What you have been able to build with others is hopefully as healing as it is materially prosperous. Learning how to shine in partnerships requires a certain amount of vulnerability. Being open to feedback, being willing to be reflective, and being able to witness the feelings that arise within us as we learn, work, and grow together is a recipe for mutual success. The Full Moon gives you a fairly thorough run-down of all the ways in which you are learning to bring more of yourself into all that you share with others. 

As this lunation swells, so too does a feeling, situation, or dynamic in your home life and/or family. A core issue gets revealed, helping you better understand the nature of a historical wound that runs through your lineage. There’s not necessarily much to do with the information, but a confirmation of your experience can be a powerful shift in consciousness. Sometimes we feel like repressing what we don’t understand is our only option; keep yours open by being curious about instead of condemning any specific feeling. Come late February (20 -22), you get a boost of courage and creative optimism. This part of the month feels potent and motivates you to carve out your own path. Dream diligently. Your fantasy life has an intelligence all of its own and the more you respect it, the more it will support you. Having the courage to believe in its messages can be the starting point for many dream-come-true scenarios. Because this is all surrounded by a particularly messy Mercury retrograde, some wins might get lost in the landslides of it. Stay on track to the best of your ability. Pisces Season will soak your calendar and turn many days into a slip-n-slide amusement park ride. Keep flotation devices close and remember to ride the tide when and where possible.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Saturday’s Full Moon sheds light on your partnerships, clients, and committed relationships of all kinds. Whatever you’ve been able to heal, work towards, and accomplish within them is now magnified. This Moon encourages you to be brave in your proclamations and loud in your love. Roar with pride about the honor of getting to care for, learn from, and work through the hard things with those you are dedicated to. The relationships that make you want to be, try, and do your best need your care and consistent devotion. It takes a lot of courage to show up and be all in, but all acts of intimacy are also profound acts of courage.

Even though Mercury’s next retrograde will focus on all the things about your financial life you need to clean up, there is a miracle awaiting you within the mess. Like finding a needle in a haystack, you’ll need to use both your imagination and your Spidey senses to find it, but don’t fret about whether or not it is there. February 18 – 21 is an especially good pocket of time that wants to help you tap into the intuitive powers that your success relies upon. Winning happens within, first and foremost. The smallest of shifts can unlock big bank accounts of inner-wealth. You’re about to stumble upon many riches within, careful not to rush past them. 


Pisces & Pisces Rising Horoscope

Saturday’s Full Moon pulls focus on your physical needs, work routines, and the rhythms that help keep your entire system functioning like a well-oiled machine. You are not made of steel and glass, but you still need to tend to the places that get rusty, scratched up, and worn down. Your body needs to know it’s worthy of royal treatment. Your work projects get a major boost with the Full Moon and your talents are on full-blast, may it bring a pay-raise along with all the praise. 

As Pisces Season gets underway a couple of days later, what becomes clear is that there is a lot of renegotiating to do. All the puzzle pieces of your life at the moment are far from neatly fitting together, but that is okay. You’re reorienting yourself for good reason. Under this process, you may need room to dream. Being overly committed to the details of how you think life should be will only work against you right now. Instead, let yourself fantasize about what you want and notice the general feeling that underlies it all. This will tell you what you need more of, less of, and to be more mindful of. Breakthroughs are on their way so don’t give up before they get here. 

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