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October Horoscope

Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Aries

Collage by Chani

Your Full Moon horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration and cover the astrology of October 13 – 25. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

October 13

2:08 PM PT – Full Moon at 20° of Aries

Sun in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 20°

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn, both at 14°

Libra Season reminds us of the injustice of forsaking ourselves. The world will hurl a million insults at us, serve up as many slights as the day is long, and try to cut us down to fit in the jaws of its particular version of history – but it is our job to make sure that we don’t repeat the same indignities to ourselves. 

When we don’t give ourselves the chance to thrive, we participate in the greatest of thefts. It’s our job to steal back our agency from the fears and worries that have wrongfully robbed us of it.

The Full Moon in Aries arrives on October 13th at 2:08 PM PT. Flanked by the most gorgeous of trines to Jupiter and the most harrowing of squares to Pluto, the pleasure and the pressure of the moment are persistent. 

In Aries, this Full Moon inspires our independence and an imperviousness to defeat. It rallies our courage. Inspires us to go our own way. Ignites a spark of competitiveness that can give us the edge we need to defeat the monsters we must. 

In a trine to Jupiter, this Full Moon inspires us towards the growth we are primed for. Jupiter reminds us to inhale, encouraging us to move into the spaces we forgot are ours to take up. This planet encourages us to have faith in our own ability to figure life out by showing up for it with as much confidence and well-earned self-affirmation as we can muster.

In a square to Pluto, this Full Moon asks us to strip away the excess, demanding that we hide behind no artifice or guise that keeps us from our power. We must grieve our sorrows, give up the props that distance us from the truth, and come to the altar of life honest and ready to be of service to it. Transformations now can be quiet or loud, public or private, unique in the ways they appear for us, but all ask us to joyfully submit to the destinies meant for us. 

With the Sun completing its own square to Pluto the day after the Full Moon, what lingers under the bed, under the floorboards, and underground in the caves and tunnels of the soul and psyche must be contended with. The astrology surrounding this Full Moon is not neutral, but neither are the results of working with it. Take these cosmic currents and use them for your benefit. 

If you’d like to work a little deeper with this Full Moon, I’ve got a reading for your sign, ritual, guided meditation and altar suggestions for you. 

October 14

Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, both at 20°

Since this aspect was a major focus of yesterday’s Full Moon, today is an extension of the kind of uncovering that only Pluto can bring. If you feel a little more raw than usual, layer yourself in energetic bubble wrap. If you have a little Full Moon hangover, get the elixirs that will fill you up with the nutrients you lost thanks to Luna. If you are experiencing the feelings of loss that can sometimes come post Full Moon, take a break from trying to figure your life out. It’s ok to lay low, get done what’s imperative, and let the rest, rest. 

October 15

Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune Rx in Pisces, both at 16°

Already in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, Mercury gets help from Neptune. Imaginations run wild. Fantasies should be documented. Far out facts might find their way to you. Fall in love with the words that speak your dreams into reality. Read poetry to your plants, cats, and cuties. Whisper affirmations to the souls of all you wish to grow. This aspect reminds us of the power of visualization. Make space and time to actively imagine what you are working towards. Mercury will revisit this aspect 2 more times come mid and late November, making fantasizing a past time to be taken seriously.  

October 19

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, both at 20°

Mercury gets help from Pluto and offers us a chance to plumb the depths of our minds and purge the problematic paradigms we might get caught up in. This transit will be repeated twice more come early November and early December, making this the first installment of a much lengthier update to our thinking processes. Today also brings openings for conversations that stir the soul and connections that feel worthy of a little extra time, effort, and energy.

October 20

Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn, both at 14°

The best relationship intentions are sabotaged without agreements, boundaries, and the ability for all involved to respect them. Today’s astrology makes building with others a little easier, but it also affirms the work you’ve already done in this area of life. The bonds that are strong, become stronger still. Work with this astrology to make definitive commitments to those you wish to know and grow with.   

October 21

Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune Rx in Pisces, both at 16°

Dream lovers unite under these skies. Flirt with your creations, shower the loves of your life with more, celebrate the beauty of all your connections. Tending to the relationships you may take for granted is a brilliant way to work with this moment. 

October 23

Sun enters Scorpio

Scorpio Season will be dominated by a Mercury retrograde (October 31 – November 20), and a couple of surprises (everything that enters Scorpio will oppose Uranus), but other than that, the planets that move through the mysterious waters of Scorpio are supported. This gives us access to healing deeply embedded psychological wounds with much more ease than normal, as Venus and Mercury have already been revealing. 

October 25

Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, both at 20°

Deep feelings rise to the surface, deep bonds become solidified, and deep healing can happen under these skies with much less effort than usual. Venus is our guide to all things related to loving and letting ourselves be known by another. Pluto is our guide to all things related to revealing what is at the core of our being, and what it means to truly value ourselves as we are, not as we wish we could be. Today’s astrology encourages us to be a little more courageous in our connection, both to ourselves and each other.


Aries & Aries Rising

Consciously uncoupling from the fears that hold you back is hard work. It takes a willingness to be introspective; it takes a desire to take a closer look at what you tend to hide behind; it takes courage to address what you have been avoiding. 

Once named, what you fear can be dealt with. Never named, it remains a ghost that haunts the possibility of personal freedom eternally.

October’s Full Moon in Aries leaves none of your stones unturned. It invites you to expand beyond the narrow confines that worry, doubt, and denial would have you living within. It points out where you get energetically clogged. It comments on where you focus too much on what others are and are not doing or do and don’t think about you. It asks you to begin a process of reclaiming yourself and your energy that will unfold from now into December. 

Asking you to name not only your fears but also your power, the Full Moon magnifies the professional monsters that you must banish from your creative process. Your industry may not always feel you, so you need to. Defend the spaces and places in your life that allow you to witness yourself as is and not through the warped lens of systems that would have you act from only a fraction, a splinter, a shard of your being. You owe it to yourself, and all you wish to bring forward, to take up space.    

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Taurus & Taurus Rising

October’s Full Moon reminds you how powerful it is to be a willing participant in wrapping up a project, relationship, or process. Closure is a great gateway to abundance. Fear clings to whatever is closest. Trust opens up to receive the support of all that is available. Without being willing to let go, we are far less empowered to say yes. 

Work with this Full Moon to declutter your thinking process. Scan your internal systems for the doubts that run on repeat. Make note of the “failures” that your mind obsesses over. Where are those truisms from and do they hold any validity? Rebel against the tyranny of an unfounded fear. Put your self-doubts in the cauldrons of your most reliable self-care strategies and see how their spells can be broken. Remind yourself, repeatedly, that you were not brought here to stay asleep to your power. You came here to activate it. Use this moment, and those that follow, as meditations for your own awakening. Through muddy moments and clear ones, your job is to remind yourself that in any situation you can always choose to be on your own side. 

For a more detailed reading for your sign about this Full Moon in Aries, download A Workshop for the New Moon in Libra, the Full Moon in Aries, and the Astrology of September 28 – October 26.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

October’s Full Moon lights up your 11th House of friendships, networks, and community care. Being willing to work through challenging issues with honesty is part of how we demonstrate our love and appreciation for one another. Being willing to take the time necessary to sort through differing opinions is of paramount importance if we are going to come to a fair assessment of a situation. When friends know that you’ll call them out with care, most challenging conversations can be had. When you aren’t sure if others will risk being real with you, getting to the bottom of an issue, situation, or sentiment becomes increasingly challenging. If you’re currently faced with a friendship that’s coming to a moment of readjustment, give it a little time. Life is long and sometimes we just need a moment away from heartbreak to get clear about what we projected, expected, or outgrew in a given situation.  

The same sentiment can be applied to your creative work and life. The astrology of the moment is pressuring you to retrieve any power that you have consciously or unconsciously given to your audience. Those that need your work also need you to guard it from needing to be accepted. Refuse to pander to the masses. Refuse to water down your message. Refuse to work against your raw talent by making it more digestible to those that don’t respect it, value it, or appreciate it. 

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Cancer & Cancer Rising

October’s Full Moon is asking you to uncover the false notions that get in the way of giving your career the chance it deserves. 

There is no growth without risking your reputation and no depth without giving up the facades that hold societal, but not personal, power. Notice where you play it safe to the detriment of your ability to play it full-blast. 

Whatever you have to give must be given wholeheartedly. It’s not in your best interest to hold back. This is no time in the evolution of humanity to play it small or safe. This is no time to shrink out of fear of being known, exposed, or misunderstood. Right now you are being asked to live out these lessons in your public roles and with your most precious career goals. Let yourself want glory, but let yourself also want whatever the process is teaching you. What happens out on the big stages of life is only useful if it helps you to clarify and deepen your relationship to your core. No matter your professional position, never give up or get thrown from the place you need to occupy in your own life.  

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Leo & Leo Rising

You need adventures that test you, stretch you, and keep you guessing and feeling like you are getting somewhere. You need the philosophies, ceremonies, and rituals that help you make sense of where you came from, where you’ve come to, and where you are going. You need the practices that help to give perspective to the prosaic and meaning to the mundane. You need strategies for working through conflicts in your day-to-day life, work, and world.

October’s Full Moon pulls focus on the journeys in your life that are worth the effort, the trips that are worth the work, and the dreams that you owe it to yourself to realize. Don’t turn your back on them. Even if you aren’t sure how you’ll make them manifest, let them exist in your imaginal realm at least. 

With this Full Moon, validate the victories you have had, the destinations you have reached, and the peaks that you are currently atop. So often, by the time we accomplish what we set out to do we are so fixated on the next goal that we forget to fully appreciate what we’ve just accomplished.  

Following the Full Moon there are many astrological signals that say you’re learning to work through the intense feelings that come up in your interpersonal communications. The more tools at your disposal, the more able you are to cut the drama to a bare minimum and get the information you need. 

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Virgo & Virgo Rising

October’s Full Moon helps you to release something that has been stuck in your system for far too long. Do what you can to aid this release. Do what you can to fill yourself up with love and strength in the healing process. 

When we let go, give up, or make way for something to rise to awareness, we need to also fill some of that new found space with affirmation. 

Rest is affirming. Being gentle with ourselves is affirming. Being patient with our process is affirming of our humanity. Make sure you grant yourself permission to experience what your past or the world withholds from you.  

Whatever the scenario that the Full Moon sets up for you, observe the impulse to rush through what hurts but is honest, what is uncomfortable but necessary, and what is challenging but critical for your growth. This Full Moon may require that you face internal bullies, work through financial issues, or set a boundary in a collaboration – all invitations to learn how to be true to yourself while being humbled by learning the lessons this process is persistent about. 

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Libra & Libra Rising

October’s Full Moon asks you to overturn the rocks that have been the foundations of your unions for so long. The ways in which you exist within your commitments are in question, are in flux, or are in a moment of transformation. The more you face your fear of being misunderstood, the more honesty you can bring to your battles and your beloveds. 

The Full Moon invites you to embrace the conflicts that relentlessly occur in your intimate (or most important) partnerships. The issues that come up now contain important ingredients for your latest alchemical brew. Why did you come together? What did you believe was true when you first met? What do you now see you misunderstood, ignored, or turned away from as a way to maintain some kind of (false) harmony? 

What you are no longer willing to ignore becomes a portal through which to understand both yourself and others. Whether or not some relationships stay, change, or leave isn’t really the point; it’s what you are learning as a result that matters. It’s how you are learning to love yourself through whatever the dynamic is, that’s most important. It’s how you are learning to be yours first and foremost. Now and forever.   

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Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

October’s Full Moon highlights the importance of your work projects that are coming to completion. Filled with both promise and pressure, the gifts they bring are hefty. The world needs you to give what you have to offer, to serve what you have been hard at work honing, and release what you have raised. 

After such a potent outpouring of energy, you need a break, a refresher, a palate cleanser. Balance doesn’t always come pre-packaged to look like it does in the magazines and movies, but finding moments of restoration is essential. Make a little time for you this Full Moon.

Sweet nothings are showered upon you in the days after the Full Moon fades. The Sun’s annual entrance into Scorpio returns you to your rightful place. Your throne awaits, your cauldron is ready for your ingredients, and your wand is itching to be put to use. Even though Scorpio Season is dominated by a Mercury retrograde, for the most part it asks you to review your relationship to your power, purpose, and potency. It asks you to remember who the f-ck you are. 

The end of October is your time to re-align. 

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Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

October’s Full Moon wants you to appreciate the immense work you’ve put into your creative projects. The promise that they hold is real, the potency of them is obvious, and the impact of them on the world will unfold for a long time to come. 

Trust that they’ll be received by others when and how they need to be. 

Extreme in their demands, what you’ve given out has to be balanced with a retrieval of the energy it took to create them. You may need a moment to refill your wells. What comes from the depths of you needs more time to be replenished than the more surface efforts most days ask for. 

When you are generous with what you give out, you need to also be generous with what you give to yourself.   

Even though life demands that you sometimes have to contend with those that don’t respect your efforts, steal your time with a million unreasonable asks, feed off your energy, or take credit for your hard work and expertise, your job is to take care of your creations and your inner-creator. Protecting your energy sometimes means loving yourself more than you were taught to, caring for yourself in ways that you wanted others to, and defending what you’ve made like it needs you to. Feel no way about being furiously caring with all aspects of your creative process. 

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Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

October’s Full Moon invites you to explore the root systems of your life. It helps you to explore relationships to home, family, parents, and the particulars that keep you feeling grounded, well-fed, and nourished in the right ways. Take note of the parts of your past that pay you a visit and the messages they bring about your present.

This moment also puts pressure on your professional life. The transformations that are occurring, and the magnitude of them, are most likely obvious to you. What has succeeded should be celebrated, but what has failed to make the cut isn’t a shortcoming of your own necessarily. Remember that a pit stop or pause in a much longer process is par for the course. 

Your value doesn’t change if you make great work, mediocre mishaps, or massive mistakes. You are worthy because you are here. In the game and giving it your best. You are a pivotal player in the world’s creation and evolution. Your base, your foundation, and your home has to be made with these sentiments in mind if it’s going to be a stable and safe place to land. 

Use this Full Moon to remind yourself of who and what holds you down, holds you accountable, and never holds you up against an inhumane standard of value or appreciation. 

For a more detailed reading for your sign about this Full Moon in Aries, download A Workshop for the New Moon in Libra, the Full Moon in Aries, and the Astrology of September 28 – October 26.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

October’s Full Moon brings you important messages to pay attention to. It highlights the intensity of your days, your drive to complete an incredible amount of tasks, and the ways in which you communicate when the stakes are high. What you say carries weight, it makes an impact and leaves an impression. When we’ve grown up feeling like the opposite is true it can be hard to remember that. 

The Full Moon is here to remind you that folks are listening to you. 

Make sure you drop the mic with a sentiment you want to be known for. Writing projects get a lift now. The deeper you’ve been able to go with the process of them, the wider their reach. 

The rest of the month sets up your career to be in a position to make strides for success much easier than usual. However, due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde, this will be a place of review and renewal from October – December. This end of year reflection process is imperative for your success, so trust it. It’s also supportive, so relax into it. The more you’re able to use this astrology to refine your relationship to what makes your career worth striving for, the more aligned you’ll be with your more hidden, but powerfully potent, wells of ambition.

For a more detailed reading for your sign about this Full Moon in Aries, download A Workshop for the New Moon in Libra, the Full Moon in Aries, and the Astrology of September 28 – October 26.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

October’s Full Moon sets your 2nd House of resources, assets, and finances ablaze. Money issues matter, not because of the dollars and cents necessarily, but because of the opportunities for healing that they bring up. Exchanges of your time, energy and talent want your attention. Are there places in your work-life where you feel taken advantage of, unappreciated, or unable to ask for what you need? If so, use this Full Moon to work through the feelings and fears that come up when you think about advocating for yourself. Pay attention to the financial exchanges that leave you feeling energetically alive and try to make room for more of them. 

Encourage yourself to be a good facilitator of your gifts even if the world has yet to appreciate them. 

Work with this Full Moon to ask for the specific kind of abundance that you are ready for, but remember that holding big blessings always requires big effort. Without understanding how to manage the ins and outs of your accounts, excess ends up getting waisted instead of intelligently channeled. Get clear on your intention for calling in the kind of wealth you want, and with that clarity, confidently declare yourself a deserving candidate of it. This Full Moon is asking that you give up the absurd belief that you aren’t worthy or ready for such bounty while making it clear that you’ll need to do the work necessary to be a responsible recipient of it. 

For a more detailed reading for your sign about this Full Moon in Aries, download A Workshop for the New Moon in Libra, the Full Moon in Aries, and the Astrology of September 28 – October 26.

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